30 Musiker aus Frankreich und Mali und ihr kostenloses Album ‚Soleil d’hiver‘

Einfach wunderschön! Hier werden alle möglichen Stile gekonnt vermischt. Chanson, afrikanische Musik, HipHop, Folk, Jazz und vieles mehr. Anhören und downloaden!
Lessazo’s Soleil d’hiver is a collaboration between fifteen musicians from France and fifteen musicians from Mali. There is no shortage of voices and instruments, from guitar to kora, calabash to electric bass, horn sections to balafon, talking drum and n’goni lute.
These aren’t jam sessions — each composition is beautifully orchestrated with room to breathe and time to let the ideas play out. Over the course of the double album, a host of French and Malian folk and jazz traditions fuse with bambara rap and dub-worthy bass while field recordings mix in and out of mbox studio sessions.

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