Amateurfunker #1 – soulschlager aus diskodeutschland (free mixtape)

chrispop soulschlager

CHRISPOP hat bei diesem Mixtape einen ähnlichen Ansatz wie Marc Hype mit seinem Funkvergnügen, sprich obskuren deutschsprachigen Soul, Funk und Disco aus den 60er und 70er Jahren:

a bit of a detour from my usual bassheavy midtempo funk sets. this is all about the music i can get really (and i mean: really) nerdy about. german funk, soul & disco (or at least what teutonic record producers made out of that in the 1960s & 70s). from humpahheavy motown covers to soulful singer songwriters with a political message to east german disco to straight up weird (peter alexander’s „ch zieh mir deine schuhe an“ is about a man so obsessed with his lover that he’s wearing her shoes, thinking her thoughts and WEARING HER FACE (!!!) madly in love or the german hannibal lector?).
no fancy mixing tricks or edits this time, just 90 minutes of rarely heard music. enjoy! CHRISPOP



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