Another Day At The Office



01 Sole Kitchen „From Your Soul“
02 Gino Brown ft January „A Fool“ (Abicah Soul Dub)
03 Jony Montana & Blick Bassy „Boum“ (Soul Essential e4 Tribe Remix)
04 Marlon D & Boddhi Satva „Power Of The Drum“ (Jose Marques Remix)
05 Marcus Worgull ft Osunlade „Reno“
06 Dudley Strangeways & Michael McLardy „Timed Out“ (Dj Sossa Remix)
07 Mystica Tribe „Moon & Stone“
08 Big Strick „100% Hustler“ (Omar S Remix)
09 Alison Marks „Dream At Will“
10 Loic L „La Lengua“
11 Tomas Svensson „Phantom“
12 Paul Simon „Late IN The Sound“ (Afshin Remix)

Compiled and mixed by Osunlade

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