Benjamin’s Brother – Story About A Broken Heart (official Music Video)

Benjamin's Brother - Story About A Broken Heart (Official Music Video)

Ein weiteres Video aus Benjamin’s Brother’s bereits 2014 erschienenen und sehr empfehlenswerten name-your-Price-Debütalbum „Like The First Time„:

“The story is based on a love that I once had. The reality is, you always lie to yourself, and saying that everything going is okay, everything is good, while the truth is that it’s all just based on this lie and nothing’s good. You’re just too afraid to admit it. The video, for me, came from that feeling; what do you do when you realize it’s not working, that you have to leave? What do you do? Do you keep fighting or you’re letting go? Do you make your love stay or you let go because you love her? I always ask myself, was I supposed to fight or not? I guess I’ll never know . ​And frankly? I don’t want to​.”​

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