Boe Van Berg – „Westbalkonia“ (Unplugged Album) // full album stream


„Westbalkon“ war der erste Clubhit von DJ Marc DePulse und dem Pop-Duo Boe van Berg aka Westbalkonia. Ihre akustischen Interpretationen der Westbalkoniastücke sind jetzt digital erhältlich und echt schön geworden!

Having your friends around the campfire, enjoying cool drinks and good food while you´re listening to some guys playing the guitar and singing wonderful tracks. Probably there is nothing else what could make you more happy in this moment. That´s the mood Westbalkonia wanted to catch within this little album release. It´s not electronic, it´s acustical! Alexander Boedewig and Adrian Kehlbacher are the two guys behind the german pop-band “Boe Van Berg” and of course both are part of the electronic trio Westbalkonia aswell. So why not remixing themselves “unplugged”? Here they go.

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