Das perfekte Mixtape zum Chillen: TRIBALGROOVES (free download)

Geniale Mischung aus orientalischen Klingen und einem Hauch Dubstep. Geh auf die Reise ……
It is a trip trough different parts of the world – Music from the Middle and Far East, heavy Dub sounds, fluctuating reggae rhythms, off-key and sloping Bollywood-Grooves are mixed with pushing beats. Oriental and Indian magic are mixed with Ambient, Dub or Trip-Hop beats – thus resulting in a very organic sound. Grooves n‘ Vibes, embedded in contemporary electronic music arise to a vibrating mélange, a musical elixir and stimulant to the seduction of sensesof cosmopolitan- and open minded individuals.

smadj – aurore
temple of sound – blues for babylon
Laineken – Dark Dub
Sub Swara – Vagabond Knowledge
Zookeeper & Helatrobus – Samsara
Atlantean feat Natacha Atlas – Puerta (AlexisK Remix)
Janaka Selekta – Jaan
Liquid Stranger – laguna
GZURITA2 – one step to asia
Village Kollektiv – uado
Tafuri – City Of Dub
1000 mile drift feat. brother j – Pitch Black
Alpha Steppa – Clarinet Step
Liquid Stranger – hexed and perplexed
village kollektiv – zima
Joi – my love
david starfire -load
midival punditz – tonic (piyush bhatnagar dubstep remix)
midival punditz – tonic (piyush bhatnagar breaks remix)
david starfire – cobra pick
david starfire – load (love and light remix)
david starfire – baghdad pick
liquid stranger – dance on the petals avoiding the nettles
Karsh Kale – Man On Fire

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