Dubwise #229: Dubcampwise

This shows selection is inspired by 3 days @ DUBCAMP:

The Silvertones „Rejoyce Jah Children“
The Upsetters „Rejoyce Skank“
Hugh Mundell „Great Tribulation“
Pablo All Stars „D. Park Style“
Twinkle Brothers „Free Africa“
Twinkle Riddim Section „Free Version“
Barry Brown „Step It Up“
Thompson All Stars „Rock Me In Dub“
Clinton Campell „New Civilisation“
„Rockers Galore“
Twinkle Brothers „Never Get Burn“
Twinkle Riddim Section „Dub“
Shaka Black „Roghteous Day“
Horus & Al „Righteous Dub“
Prince Far I „Message From The King“
Prince Allah „Daniel“
Tapper Zukie „Blackman“
The Stars Players „Dub Lions Den“
Dubbing Sun „Deliver Me“
Wayne McArthur „Festival Warriors“
Dub Conductor „Festival Warrior Dub“
Mighty Howard „Lion Paw“
Earthikal Towa „Dub Paw (Vibronics Dubwise)“




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