Electro Blues (Bedroom Bar short set) [free mixtape]

electro blues

Electro Blues – Bedroom Bar short set tracklist:

Blue Acid Yes Ma’m
Montrik Blues Soup
Ecklecticmick Fast intro
Ecklecticmick Better off without you (Ayo/Muddy Waters) mash
Lazlo Alabama
Skewiff Gospel Train
Paul Heizhardt remix. Bob Brozman – Short man’s vindication (Paul Heizhardt remix)
Ecklecticmick Bob Brozman (Worrying the blues away re-wiff)
Ecklecticmick Rollin and Tumblin’_Go to sleep little baby_mashup
Ecklecticmick It I had a Ticket/Walk so lonely (st. germain) mashup
Costofix Feat.Gideon. Them
Ecklecticmick Boogie Children
Mr. Large Pretty good love ( Boutros Edit)
Ecklecticmick Stones in my pathway (Bob Brozman re-wiif)
Ecklecticmick When you get home
Bob Brozman Short Medley

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