End of Summer Cool-Down Mix (2 hrs – lounge/downtempo/soul/RnB/modern funk/beats/jazz)

end of summer cool down mix


Sonzeira – Southern Freeez (Talkin Loud)
Chris Turner – Liquid Love (Reel People Music)
Star Blazers – Danger Zone (Star Time)
Planty Herbs – Sum Chillage (Razor-N-Tape)
Kissy Asplund – 99 Bottles (Record Breakin)
Ladi 6 – Ready to Fly (Mucho Aroma Music)
Tall Black Guy – The Motor is Running (First World Records)
Potatohead People – Blue Charms (Bastard Jazz)
Dmx Crew – Hop To It (Abstract Forms)
Planty Herbs – Ladedade (Razor N Tape)
JR & PH7 – New High (Personal Records)
Koushik – a1 (Stones Throw)
The Main Ingredient – Psychedelic Ride
Tom Scott – Today
Lee Oskar – Haunted House
Roy Ayers – Baby You Give Me A Feeling
The Temprees – People Male The World Go Round
Little Beaver – Let The Good Times Roll
Bad Medicine – Trespasser
Sadao Watanabe – ?
Elia Y Elizabeth – Alegria
Donald Byrd – Steppin into Tomorrow
Donnel Pittman – A Taste of Honey
GQ – Sittin in the Park
Billy Stewart – Cross My Heart
Myron & E – If I Gave You My Love (Stones Throw)
Supreme 4 Tops – Hello Stranger
Desi Roots – Hung Up
Barbara Jones & Trinity – Why Didn’t You Let Me Know
Jennifer Lara – I’m In Love
Martin Dumas Jr. – Attitude Belief & Determination
K-maxx – Wake Up (Voltaire Records)
Freakway – Ain’t Gonna Last (Star Creature forthcoming)
Brian Ellis – Banana Seat (Omega Supreme)
Loose Shus – Elevator (Omega Supreme)
XL Middleton – Antislumper (Bastard Jazz)
Benjamin – Those Memories (Cherries Records)
Mckinley Jackson – Love Overture
Reeno – Summer Madness (Spazzoid Records)


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