Fake World – Livelooping & Rap in den Alpen // Video + Song + Lyrics + Tourdaten


Beatbox, Rap und Livelooping am Weißensee – in den Alpen Österreichs. Die ungewöhnliche Kombi hab‘ ich mir für das neue Live-Video „Fake World“ ausgesucht, das in Koop mit dem Nr 1 Musikgeschäft Österreichs, der KLANGFARBE und dem weltweit führenden Hersteller von Loop Stations, BOSS, entstanden ist um deren neues Baby, die RC 202 Loop Station zu feiern 🙂
Georg Viktor Emmanuel (Livelooping-Beatparty)



Pushed down it aint been easy
Digging it deep givin’ it up at some point
When my life got stuck years back in a cage
Written’ in a cities page
But I knew this life aint a training game so
No one else to blame but me
So I took a step outside quit my job and flat
Givin’ up all I ever had

You know bro I’ve let the fake world go
Now I take it to the streets where the real people meet
No matter what a color what you believe or think
Cause music got the power to link
Come on everybody come on everybody go
Cause everybody knows we gotta live within the flow
Courage is the engine and visions are the fuel
Let my heart find the direction & passion rule

Yeah I bring it to the streets my own lyrics and my beats
Creating music for the people feeling blessed to be free
I do it live with a loop machine and vocal-energy
Gettin’ my drive from the scene and peoples harmony
Feel the love feel the passion of a powerful session
Give it a unique vibe and the ultimate expression
Give it ya best intentions come on everybody
Come on everybody come on everybody go

Oh Oh… give it a push let the fake world go
Oh Oh… give it a thought let the fake world go
Oh Oh… give it a try let the fake world go
Oh Oh… be brave bring the fake world down

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