Five Years of Subbass Netlabel (free Compilation)

five years of subbass

Das Heidelberger Subbass Netlabel präsentiert uns zu seinem 5. Geburtstag eine 50-Track (!) starke Label-Schau. Die Compi gibt es als name your price, d. h. man kann ruhig etwas zahlen und das Label damit unterstützen:

Subbass started in 2010 with the “Dubstep Made in Germany” compilation issue – to the beginning we had a monthly dubstep party for several years on the run. Most of our guest DJs besides produced their own music. Dubstep was here still underground, so near nobody had published anything. To give the underground producers a base, the idea for the compilation was born. this series presents Bass Music producers from the German Scene, for which the production of tunes is a big part of their passion in supporting the emergence and rooting down of sustaining structures for low frequency music. So far we have published seven Compilations.

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