Free Mixtape: UK Hip Hop versus The Doors mixed by Figment

Love H.E.R Madly Cover Art

Love H.E.R Madly is a remix project from Figment, a beatmaker and MC from Essex, UK. He mixes classic samples by The Doors and splices it with vocals from several UK rap artists, such as Klashnekoff, Stig of The Dump, Mystro.

1. I Rep – Jai
2. Supa Lyrical Excursion pt. 2 – Delusionists
3. Everyman – Lost Souls Ft Cuts by Reptar
4. Seven – Conflix, Crucifix, Teej, Wordsmith, Genesis, Marlon Brandy, Squared & Jim Morrison
5. Braindead – Stig of The Dump ft RA The Rugged Man
6. Game of Soldiers – Delusionists
7. Recycled Rhymes – Blokeyman ft Cuts by DJ Lok
8. Banishment – Mystro
9. All I Got – Klashnekoff
10. Rise – Lewis Parker ft Cuts by DJ Lok
11. Microphone Mussolini – Diss1, Dan Dastardly, Agonist & Figment
12. The Aim – Asaviour

<a href="">Love H.E.R Madly by Figment</a>

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