Die Paris DJs präsentieren uns diesmal die funky Musikszene von Tel Aviv. Cooles Mixtape!

The Bubble, Tel-Aviv’s nickname, is now the Middle-East funkiest place to be! The music scene over there is bursting with infectious grooves, matching reggae, afro, oriental and hip hop beats, as a whole bunch of bands and artists ranging from Boom Pam, DJ Sabbo, Kutiman, The Apples, Karolina Avratz… to The Ramirez Brothers jam band, have emerged as a funk movement. Here’s a taste of all these ‚Bubble‘ grooves, melting soul horns, kinky surf guitars, crazy turntablism… but no falafel!

Tracklisting :
01. Laroz – Black people (Kutiman Remix)
(from ‚Restars/Rootstars‚ compilation, 2008 / Abu Dubi Records)
02. Karolina & Funset – No Blame
(from ‚Live Ragga Pumpkin‚ album, 2005 / Nana Music)
03. Sabbo & Kuti – Pass Another Light feat. Omri (of Hatikva 6)
(from ‚Better Days‚ album, 2011 / self-released)
04. Boom Pam – Surfing Tuba
(from ‚Alakazam‚ album, 2010 / Audio Montage)
05. Radio Trip – (Who is) DJ Magic Fingers
(from ‚Now What You Hear Is Not A Test‚ album, 2003 / Bumbaklaat Rekordz)
06. The Apples – Batash (Alwoojdi)
(from ‚Kings‚ album, 2010 / Freestyle)
07. Radio Trip – Whole Wide World
(from ‚Music Heads‚ album, 2006 / Audio Montage)
08. The Hoodska Explosive – Russian Sleeping Song
(from ‚The Misleading‚ album, 2008 / self-released)
09. The Ramirez Brothers – Mine Funk
(from ‚The Ramirez Brothers‚ album, 2009 / Audio Montage)
10. Schoolmaster Vs. Mixmonster – The Class Bell Rings
(from ‚Radio Trip‚ album, 2001 / self-released)
11. The Apples – Attention
(from ‚Attention‚ album, 2005 / Audio Montage)
12. J.Viewz – Smooth Criminal
(from ‚The Besides EP‚, 2008 / Jorjia Music)


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