Hawthorne Radio Episode 11

Most „rare“ and expensive records are a rip-off in my personal opinion. There’s usually a reason they’re rare (they weren’t that good so they didn’t sell). However, there are a handful of rare records that are truly worth the extravagant prices they fetch. All of the records on this episode have sold for $500+. (Disclaimer: I do not own copies of ALL of these but I wish I did!) This episode best enjoyed with a glass of fine wine or champagne. Cheers –MH


Percy Stone & The Explosions „Chained“
The Montclairs „Hey You!“
Arnold Blair „Trying To Get Next To You“
JT Rhythm „All I Want Is You“
Brotherhood „When You Need Me“
The Mighty Lovers „I Ain’t Gonna Run No More“
Burning Desire „Why She Had To Go“
Fatback Band „Peace, Love Not War“
Frank Beverly & The Butlers „Because Of My Heart“
Pat Lewis „No One To Love“
Willie Tee „Concentrate“
Young Ladies „He’s Gone To Another“
The Mist „Life Walked Out“
Wizdom „So In Love With You“


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