HOT: AFRO BEETS is the hottest new musical genre in the world


Das behauptet zumindest dj zhao aus Berlin. Wie auch immer, dieses Mixtape bietet mit seinen ansteckenden Rhythmen den perfekten Soundtrack für einen heißen Sommertag!

Afro Beets is the hottest new musical genre in the world: it’s like older African music, but made for our generation.
Just kidding: Afro Beets is not a genre. And neither is Afro Beats, the silly name coined by some UK radio dj to hype his show that seems to have stuck. What we really have here is Electronic Pop and Dance music from West Africa, specifically Hiplife from Ghana, and Naija Jams from Nigeria (with a touch of Coupe Decale from the Ivory Coast and South African House for good measure). dj zhao

mehr Info und Tracklist:

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