Journeys Mix (free download)


Music for an extra smooth journey, whether you’re travelling in cars, bikes, planes, trains or elevators even. A bunch of loosely stitched together library tunes, jazz funk, kraut and other things …

Exotic Landscape – Jonny Teupen
Outcast – Max Rocci & His Friends
Insistently – Rigol
Wide World – Ralph Haldenby
Andalusia – Klaus Peter Schöpfer
Follow Me – Werner Drexler
Der Lange Weg – Biebl
Earth And Space – ES
Surfing – Martin
Greenleaf Street – Max Rocci & His Friends
Cada Um Na Sua – Panel De Controle
Pina Colada – Deodato
Mr Business – Edition Speciale
Knast Funk – Embryo
Come Lay Some Loving – Sheila Hylton
Travelling – FSB
Sem Querer – Bolao
Swamp – Maynard Ferguson

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