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About this project

YAW & Khari Lemuel, need $25,000 to complete the album “ WE CAN SAVE THE WORLD“ which will be a work  of audio and video recordings. The songs that you hear in the Kick starter presentation are excerpts of the material that will be included on the album.Your donations will help cover the cost of recording, mixing, mastering, filming, editing, marketing and distribution of the album.

The album  „WE CAN SAVE THE WORLD“ is a work that is meant to awaken love, compassion and a sense of responsibility in the consciousness of humanity. It speaks to the many global humanitarin challenges of our time, as well as how the human spirit can find solutions. Through the medium of soul music, YAW & Khari Lemuel hope to bring a healing for planet earth and it’s inhabitants. For more information on „THE ONES“ events in your area, please visit our site and join the mailing list

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