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Latino Resiste ist ein neues Projekt mit dem Ziel, dem musikalischen und künstlerischen Latino-Untergrund ein Sprachrohr zu verleihen und einer breiteren Öffentlichkeit vorzustellen. Erstes Lebenszeichen des Movements ist diese Compilation, die von Cumbia und Dubstep bis Balkan, Latin und Ska-Jazz eine Vielfalt aktueller lateinamerikanischer Sounds abbildet. Mit an Bord sind neben vielen anderen auch CaballoMr. Ioso und CanalH.
Da Latino Resiste als interaktive Aktion gedacht ist, kann jeder seine visuellen oder musikalischen Beiträge zur Resistance einsenden und so zu zukünftigen Veröffentlichungen beitragen.
Download: Latino Resiste Vol.1 (Mediafire)
Mail: latinoresiste(at) | Flickr
An essential release for those who want to know what is going on with the latino underground movement and the connection from the african roots in modern latin music.

We have not only some of the best names in terms of artists you’ll hear, the best “cantaoras” from Latin America:
Petrona Martinez, or Etelvina Maldonado ( get Re-mixed majestically) for Example.
but also the ones who made the compilation possible.

PALENQUE RECORS C.E.O, Lucas Silva, joined Caballo in the selection!!

For the people who don’t know about Palenque Rec; this is like getting Rick Rubin on board doing a rock compilation, or David Byrne doing a so-called “world Music”.
Lucas has given Latino Resiste part of Palenque Records Discography including the iconic Sexteto Tabala de Palenque, and Alfonso Cordoba aka EL BRUJO, who was so important that Colombian government gave him ‘Gran Order of Cultural Merit” -Colombia’s highest cultural recognition- to name a few of the amazing songs we have for this FREE compilation.
And for the first time we add a GRAMMY nominee giving their music from their just brand new release!!

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„Latino Resiste is back!!

For those who don’t know what Latino Resiste is.. here’s a short description:

A series of compilations of Latin American music that unites not only musicians but also photographers, designers and painters in a common objective:


In the First LR Vol 1 we had the best of Latin Underground Rebel Music from all over Latin America; but one country was missed: BRAZIL.
We wanted to have an “ONLY BRAZILIAN” compilation.
That is what we have.
Latino Resiste presents TROPICHAOS ( pronounced Tropi chão) because of the chaotic way to mix music and because the word chaos is near to chão, which is a very used word in Brazilian pancadão!“


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