LENNY KRAVITZ „Black and White America“ Mixtape (free dl)

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Lenny Kravitz hat ein Mixtape mit Songs aus seinem aktuellen Album inkl. Remixen und Re-Edits veröffentlicht.

Expanding on the concept of blending and unifying, Lenny Kravitz has released the album as a DJ mixtape, presenting the tracks in a new sequence with skillfully crafted mixing and exclusive re-edits. To achieve this unique presentation, Kravitz enlisted Peace Bisquit’s roster of talent, who collectively have remixed and DJ’ed for the likes of Beyonce, Radiohead, Foster the People, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Passion Pit, Mariah Carey and many others.

Side 1:
Come On Get It
Everything (RedTop Re-edit)
Stand (Count De Money Re-edit)
In The Black
Rock Star City Life (RedTop Re-edit)
Sunflower featuring Drake (RedTop and Tony Sap Re-edit)
Side 2:
Superlove (RedTop Re-edit)
Life Ain’t Ever Been Better Than It Is Now (Angelo Pepe Skordos Re-Edit)
Boongie Drop featuring Jay Z and DJ Military (RedTop Re-edit)
Liquid Jesus
I Can’t Be Without You (Craig C. Re-edit)
Black & White America
Looking Back On Love
Produced, Written, Arranged, Composed and Performed by Lenny Kravitz.

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