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BRASS ROCK FUNK – 2 turntable – all 7″ vinyl live mix:

JUNGLE BY NIGHT/GASLAMP KILLER- Electric Funeral, Kindred Spirits 45
HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE- Brass in Africa, Handcuts Records 45
BREAKDOWN BRASS- Monmouth, Kept Records 45
THE THIRD EYE- Children’s Song, Soul Fire Records 45
THE GREASE TRAPS- Burning Bush, Colemine Records 45
THE BUDOS BAND- KaKal, Daptone Records 45
BRONX RIVER PARKWAY- Chum’s Pimpage, Soul Fire Records 45
WILLIE BOBO- Broasted or Fried, Now-Again Records 45
BILLY BALL & THE UPSETTERS- Popcorn ’69, Apollo Records 45
ERNIE & THE TOP NOTES- Dapwalk, Fordom Records 45
IN MOTION COLLECTIVE- Jesse’s Jing, Colemine Records 45
JO TONGO- Afro Funk Gems Volume Five, Makatsuku Records 45
AFRICAN SOULS BAND- Afro Funk Gems Volume Four, Makatsuku Records
BREAKDOWN BRASS- Next Episode, Kept Records 45
JUNGLE BY NIGHT/GASLAMP KILLER- High Time, Kindred Spirits Records
HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE- Brass in Africa (Bulljun Remix)45
HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE- Alyo, Honest Jons Records 10″
PHILIP COHRAN ENSEMBLE- Loud Mouth, Zulu/JazzMan Records 45
BRASS ROCKERS/TOMMY MCCOOK/KING TUBBY- Dance with Me, Jamaican Recordings

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