TIPP: Massive Attack Tribute (free mixtape) ☼♫♪♥♫♫♥♪♪

Massive Attack Tribute

Wie ich diese Band liebe! Vielen Dank an Funky Jeff für dieses Massive Attack Tribut-Mixtape. Hört man die teilweise über 20 Jahre alten Tracks heute, mag man das Alter dieser Songs kaum glauben. Dieser Mix aus HipHop-Beats, Reggae und Dub, Sixties-Soul, Funk sowie Spurenelementen aus Klassik, Pop und Alternative Rock ist einfach zeitlos einzigartige Musik!

… a DJ Tribute to Massive attack, with some of their remixes, material from their albums, Eps, songs they have sampled and covers of their songs. Funky Jeff

1) Massive intro
2) Protection
3) Inertia creeps
4) Black Milk
5) Manfred Mann : Tribute (Sampled on Black milk)
6) Les Négresses Vertes : Face à la mer (Massive attack remix)
7) Lately (Mark Pritchard remix)
8) Be thankful for what you got
9) Group four
10) Blue lines
11) Tom Scott & L.A. Express : Sneakin in the back
12) Antistar
13) I against I (Featuring Mos Def)
14) Butterfly caught
15) Girl I love you (She is in danger remix)
16) Angel
17) Three
18) Unfinished sympathy (Paul Oakenfold remix)
19) Unfinished sympathy (Nellee Hooper remix)
20) Unfinished sympathy extended remix
21) Paradise circus (Gui Boratto remix)
22) Man next door
23) Special cases ( Akufen remix )
24) Aaja sajan aaja : Khalnayak
25) Karmacoma (Bumper ball dub)
26) Karmacoma
27) Karmacoma (Napoli trip)
28) Startled insects : Cheetah
29) What your soul sings
30) Teardrop (Mad professor Mazaruni Vocal mix)
31) Teardrop (Virgin magnetic material remix)
32) Teardrop
33) Playing teardrop with vegetables
34) Everywhen
35) Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan : Mustt, Mustt (Massive attack remix)
36) Safe from harm (Just a groove dub)
37) Rising son
38) Exchange (Instrumental)
39) Polaroid girl
40) Exchange vocal

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