Miami Boogie Gems (kostenloses Mixtape)

Wax Poetics veröffentlicht momentan ein gutes Mixtape nach dem anderen. Diesmal gibt es einen Überblick über den Boogie in Miama Anfang der 80er Jahre von Induce :

Miami producer-cum-singer Induce has always been drawn to the sounds of soul and R&B. Stories of him as a five-year-old singing (loudly) Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” in his local department store—his mother half-amused, half-horrified in tow—trace his interests back to the likes of Motown, and soon enough, Michael Jackson. As the ’90s slid on, Induce later became hooked on new jack swing, Jodeci, and Boyz II Men, still traveling along this same path and expanding it into a different era.

Track List
1. Omari “After Loving You” (Bound Sound) 1983
2. The Blue Denim Band “Spunk in the Funk” (Rose)
3. Komputer Kid “Video Jones” (Jones) 1983
4. Vernon Burch “Do It to Me” (Spector) 1981
5. Klockwurk “Get Up Outcha Seat” (Red Rooster) 1981
6. King Tut “Comin Out” (TK Disco) 1980
7. Unit 3 “Let’s Boogie (Tonight)” (Bound Sound) 1982
8. Hokis Pokis “Can’t Wait for Love” (Shield) 1975
9. Michael Sterling “Desperate” (Success) 1983
10. Mirror “Give It Up” (Get Off) 1979
11. Starr’s Computer Band “Computer Rock Control” (Survivor) 1983
12. Fall-Out “Der – Mer” (Tshamba) 1983
13. Osé “Party Beat” (Treasure) 1984
14. Extra Funk Factory “Final Mix” (Konduko) 1984

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