Miles Bonny – I Bring You Love (Video)

i bring you love

Neues Video zu ‚I Bring You Love‘ von Miles Bonny aus der gleichnamigen EP, die auf Osúnlade’s Label Yoruba Records erschienen ist:

= Lyrics =
Something about the wars today
That make me feel like there’s no where to hide
I didn’t always feel this way
Something about the way I sense my pride
I just feel more honest now
My time is coming now
I’ve got to face my fears

Something about the world today
I’ve lost myself in the endless possibilities of yesterday
But here I stand feeling so brand new
So I bring you Love Love Love
So I bring you Love Love Love
I broke my bones
trying to have fun
(but) I don’t regret it at all
Cause Now i have one
I’m no longer into the Style shit
everything has to be so exciting
it’s cause the war we’re in
that flashes just keep passing by my sighting

Something about the World today
That makes me feel like there is something more
Maybe I will get a brand a new car
So I can shake your hand when I’m on tour
But there’s something about the world today
(That) Makes me want to stay home
But there’s something about feeling this way
That’s a result of being in my Zone
SO I Bring You Love Love Love
SO I Bring You Love Love Love

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