Exploring the inner reaches of the human spirit, soul and mind, Mo’J simultaneously resists and embraces tradition with every note. Creating music they describe as ‘Beyond Category’, Mo’J constructs melodies rich with the influences of Soul, Funk, R&B, Rock, Jazz and Latin rhythms.

Mo’J began in 2002 as a dream shared by then long-time friends Monica Lynk and Jason Anderson. Raised in Lorain, Ohio, Monica’s roots were heavily grounded in the music she sang in church as well as the chart-toppers she heard on the radio. Jason’s beginnings were equally eclectic as he internalized the classic Rock & Soul of his parents‘ record collection, as well as the rich jazz scene of his hometown Portland, Oregon.
As destiny would have it, both were chosen as full tuition scholarship recipients to the Berklee College of Music in Boston. There at Berklee, surrounded by a deluge of cultural & musical diversity, Mo & J found each other. As their knowledge and love for music grew, so did their friendship. In the Fall of 2003, Jason and Monica were married, and in so doing, married their individual musical styles into a new music.
Adopting a phrase commonly used by the great Duke Ellington to describe the talents of those whose music surpassed preconceived styles and formulas, Mo’J chooses to call their music “Beyond Category”. Jason and Monica have this to say about their music, “Our music is about truth. We feel that music is a living entity; it has no boundaries to hold its expression, substance, or message. We try to address current personal, spiritual, social, and political issues and inspire our listeners to expand their minds, hearts, and souls.” Choosing to use live instruments and allow their music to change and evolve through the individuality of each musician, Mo’J has rejected many of today’s common practices of entirely sequencing and programming music.

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