Mortisville – Convergence (Brass, Breaks n Bass) – free mixtape




Convergence travels to the hinterlands of Electro Swing bringing together a myriad of styles from gypsy to dubstep and beyond. Look out for some epic mix’s as genre’s rarely seen side by side are mashed together creating something fresh and different. Electro Swing has now become an umbrella term to include many different genres’s and sub-genre’s, Mortisville has sort to demonstrate how these genre’s have converged.


1 Abballabba (Stefano Miele Remix) (taken from ‚Sun Dub vol. 2..y [dunkelbunt]‘) Abballabba
2 Odjbox – Swamp Stomp E.P. – 04 Otto Croy Odjbox
3 Keep Pounding (Original Mix) (taken from ‚Keep Pounding‘)
4 Hidden Riddim – Now You Know The Name (Basement Freaks Remix) (taken from ‚Now You Know The Name E.P‘)
5 Mi Morena Rebelde (Frohlocker Edit) Eusebio y Su Banjo
6 Gypsi Doodle (Original Mix) Analogik The Balkan Club Night Vol. 2
7 Kalimba Mr. Scruff Ninja Tuna
8 Odjbox – Cotton To Fabric – 03 Teresina Odjbox
9 The Binary Cumbia Orchestra – La Inconformable (Shazalakazoo Remix) (taken from ‚Golazo‘)
10 1944068_In_The_Balkans_Original_Mix Fura Kun, Crno Seme
11 2nd goodbye6! Mortisville
12 Speakeasy Manare Electro Swing Fever
13 Analogik – Ali (DokkedalDixen Remix) (taken from ‚Global Bass Vol. 2‘)
14 Analogik – Ali (Budzillus Remix) (taken from ‚Global Bass Vol. 2‘)
15 Comin Home Baby Skeewiff Cruise Control
16 Skeewiff – Matador
17 Free And Easy (taken from ‚Mo‘ Horizons Soundsystem‘)
18 Danny Deluxe – Booties Made 4 Walkin‘ (taken from ‚Dancefloor Bangers‘)
19 Mr. Confuse – Imovel (Rephrase Remix) (taken from ‚Imovel‘)
20 Brasshopper Plague (taken from ‚Sun Dub vol. 2..y [dunkelbunt]‘) Brasshopper Plague
21 ([dunkelbunt] Edit) (taken from ‚Sun Dub vol. 2..y [dunkelbunt]‘)
22 SWING TREK 2 Jinjah Soundcloud Grabs Vol 1
23 Swing That Music Phil Mac Soundcloud Grabs Vol 1
24 Scrub Me Mama With a Boogie Beat (feat. Will Bradley) Swing Republic Electro Swing Republic
25 A Million Tomorrows Pretty Lights Spilling Over Every Side

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