Music To… Walk By In The City At Night

CC0 / Public Domain
CC0 / Public Domain

Die Hamburger Jungs Jakobus Siebels und Mense Reents aka Die Vögel mit ihrem Gast-Mix für das i-D-Mag:

“Instead of making a classic DJ mix, we rather combined acapellas and pieces that are close to our hearts with sketches of our own music. At our first meeting we listened to some vinyl records and some sessions that we had made a while ago with Alphorns and Steel Drums. We chose about 30 pieces and digitized some of them. Using different genres in the mix wasn’t an issue. Mense collected all the material and assembled it on the computer. Part of the podcast are also two songs by some other bands of ours (NRFB and JaKönigJa).
To us, the mix has a nocturnal – urban and even a somewhat cinematic mood. So put on your headphones and leave the house! There’s a lot to discover. Enjoy!”
Die Vögel

1. RvdS – Pain
2. Born Under A Rhyming Planet -Analog Heaven (Die Vögel Edit)
3. Raph Mac Donald – The Path/ Die Vögel – Alphorn Session Edit
4. NSI – Scale
5. Die Vögel – Sunday Tuba
6. The Peddlers – What Now My Love / die Vögel – Stealdrum Edit
7. Sopwith Camel – Fazon
8. Bernhard Herman -Taxi Driver Main Theme
9. N.R.F.B – Zoo Im Kieg
10. Four Tet – Morning
11. Rashad Becker – Dances II
12. Larry Heard – Missing You (Die Vögel EDIT)
13. Chemotex- Music for Security/ Midway- Set It Out (Die Vögel EDIT)
14. Axel Boman – Nokturn
15. JaKönig Ja – Be Kind To The Shape Of My Narrative
16. The Black Dog -Chesh


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