Wunschkonzert: The People’s Mix by DJ Vadim


Wunschkonzert mal anders:

„The People’s Mix“ as selected by YOU…., you asked for it, you begged for it so i gave it to you! 😀 This mix is perhaps the strangest blend you may ever hear! From classical to house to children’s records to boogie, hip hop, trap soul…. it’s all here! I asked you what you wanted me to play and I got so many messages and requests (about 200 in total). Some I had, some I knew and some new discoveries. I tried to put them all in and not go past 2 hours, but there was just too many tunes 2 mix!!! So, sorry if I didn’t include all ya jammies this time and I hope you enjoy! DJ Vadim

The People’s Mix by Dj Vadim on Mixcloud

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