Rap 12″ Mix for my Car


Company Flow: Population Control
Dirty Face Angels: It’s Not A Game
Percee P: Don’t Cum Strapped
Jedi Mind Tricks: Heavenly Divine
Brother Most: Step On The Subway
Deep In Da Circle: So (Where I Live At)
Darc Mind: Outside Looking In
KRS One & Das EFX: Represent The Real Hip Hop
Blahzay Blahzay: Blah Blah Blah
Da Lench Mob w/ B-Real: Ain’t Got No Class (Beatnuts Remix)
Yaggu Front: Left Field
Da Bush Babees: Remember We Salaam Remi Remix
BIG: Party and Bullshit (Lord’s Mix)
MC Shan: Time For Us To Defend Ourselves )Defender Remix)
Ebony Broadcast System: Skillz (Hard Head Verson)
NRG: Put It In Effect
Lord Finesse: I Keep The Crowd Listening
Kool Rock Jay: Tales From The Darkside
Da Youngstas: Handle This
Illegal: On Da M.I.C.


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