Seatbelts & Yoko Kanno – Cowboy Bebop – OST

Normally its a given for hard-core anime fans to get the soundtrack for their favorite anime series(normally though, alot of anime music tends to fall flat on its face). Cowboy Bebop’s soundtrack is no exception. The main difference is that the Cowboy Bebop soundrack(OST 1) is probably one of the best I have ever heard. For those who had seen the series, you know that CB intertwines both visual aspects and sounds/music in a way that makes for an ultimate view experience. This sound track is just an affermation of that. With a fusion of mainly blues, jazz, folk, and even a little techno, OST 1 proves to be much more than just a soundtrack. Heck, I can even imagine fans of the genres listed above getting into this. Get it. Highly recommended, even if you’ve never seen the series. Heck, even if you saw the series and hated it. The music is that worthwhile.

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