Serious Funk’n – Osmose Vinyl Mix

Serious Funk’n – Osmose vinyl mix

These are all great artists, labels and records. I’ve taken the time to tracklist this vinyl mix out and supply links with which you can purchase each one. Please support these labels and artists so they can continue to create great music for us to listen too and play out. For the most part these are all small/private press labels.


– Osmose „Slomo Truck Stop“ Smokecloud records
– Mannmademusic „You Got My Mind“ Diner City Sound
– La Tuerie „Big Things“ Sleazy Beats Recordings
– B-Jam „Verry Free“ Smokecloud records
– Yse Saint Lau’rant „Warm Wind Brewing“ Whiskey Disco
– Duff Disco „Gimme Some Bucks“ Duff Disco
– Deadly Sins „Can U Dig It“ Giant Cuts
– Cliff Richard „Ease Along (Paul Watson Itch Dub)“ na
– JDEEP / DCASTILLO „Wannatwistwithu“ Dead As Disco
– Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club „Love Spin“ Whiskey Disco
– SPDSC „Love Spin (Volta Cab remix)“ Whiskey Disco
– Osmose „YP Disco“ Smokecloud records
– Yarbrough & Peoples „Don’t Stop The Music“ Mercury
– Gwen McCrae „Funky Sensation“ Atlantic
– Koosh „Remedy“ Common Edit
– Dionne Warwick „Deja Vu“ Arista
– Ruddy Thomas „Deja Vu“ Mobiliser Music

Serious Funk’n – Osmose vinyl mix by osmose

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