sheep grass disco

erykah badu- gone baby, don’t be long
matthew kyle- lady love
andrew clarke- mellow blow
dj steef- whole lotta love
lowrell- mellow mellow (right on) (changED & disco tech edit)
changED- stormy rework
ed wizard & disco double dee- straight up
ltj xperience- what i feel
g & d- boogie night
get down edits- make me wanna holla
get down edits- strategy
stevie wonder- superstition (todd terje edit)
ltj edits- mellow mood
dj steef- too cold to play
bill withers- who is he (and what is he to you) LW edit
ooft!- love & soulsaving
ltj xperience- what you got (ltj rework)
beaten space probe- get down groove
dj butcher- deep into paradise
sir own- hooked (kon’s nite time remix)
garfield fleming- don’t send me away (nicholas+scratchandsniff+tz edit)
fatback band- is this the future?
first touch- you got it baby
daniel solar- burning up
lou teti- dare me
komiko- feel alright (bonar bradberry edit)
cheeky chimp disco- i’m fallin‘
ooft!- make u mine
duderino’s outro

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