Auch der gute Wankelmut war auf dem AfrikaBurn, der südafrikanischen Variante des Burning Man Festivals:

AfrikaBurn – such an amazing experience!
Lots of love for the crew of LOKI and the Love Your Planet Camp for hosting me and for all the beautiful people of Tankwa Town!
This was a very special evening!



2017 poster by Jeanne Kepaan!

AfrikaBurn ist die südafrikanische Variante des Burning Man Festivals und findet jedes Jahr in der Tankwa-Karoo-Wüste statt.
DJ Timboletti aus Essen hat sich für diesen Mix von seinem Besuch des diesjährigen Festivals inspirieren lassen und rausgekommen ist dieser wunderschöne Mix mit Titeln seines DJ Sets.

Ehm… Wooow wow and uffff… Back home from Afrikaburn – that was something really really really special. I met so many lovely people and beautiful souls, made new friends, digital friends became real ones, discovered sweet and creative ideas at every corner, got surprised over and over again… Expectations were built up and broken down to experience something else and unexpected… And just when I thought I learned my lesson about having expectations about whatsoever or taking anything for „granted“ I checked the recordings of the sets I played down there in the desert, to decide which one I would like to upload and share with you, I had to realize that I messed it up and all of them have the worst recording quality ever… Hahahaha, ohhh man… So what can you do? Well – I decided to figure out the playlist of my sunset-set at Everland and just record it once more here back home… Hope you’ll enjoy it anyways…


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2017 poster by Jeanne Kepaan!