In seinem Projekt „Zoo Portraits®“ vermenschlicht der spanische Künstler Yago Partal Tiere, indem er ihnen coole menschliche Outfits verpasst. Das ist nicht unbedingt neu, aber Yago Partal macht das meiner Meinung nach am besten. Das Projekt läuft bereits seit 2013 und heute noch gibt es regelmäßig neue Bilder.

The Zoo Portraits idea was born in 2013 as a creative project developed by Yago Partal, photographer and producer living in Barcelona city. Influenced by the animal kingdom, cartoons and fashion since he was a child, he found his voice in a game we all like to play: the humanization or anthropomorphism of animals. The project initially started out as a marketing campaign to publicize photo books for models, actors and actresses, but it soon went viral online and reached the world’s press, which led to several license offers and its later consolidation as a brand with the brand manager, Isabelle Bazsó.

Hier meine bisherigen Favoriten: