Illustration by Hilit Shefer

Tel Aviv Chill Out Vol 4 // Set by DJ Aviran Shefer // free download


1 Mean To Me by Buttering Trio
2 Comme Ci Comme Ca (Gloumi Remix) by Terry Poison
3 Noches by Suzy
4 Six Heures by Metropolin Ft. riff cohen
5 Forbidden Love (Arabic Version) by Zehava Ben
6 Move Your Soul by Laroz
7 Wake Up by Funset
8 something by lucillecrew
9 wishinggirl by lolamarsh
10 The Game by Disiac
11 two pigs by marina maximilian
12 teardrop by nama
13 Tonight Ft. Karolina by Obas Nenor
14 Bad Selection by Papa Project



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