Millennium Jazz Music – The Big Payback Vol.1: Down Payment // free Compilation

Kostenloser Label-Sampler von Millennium Jazz Music als Dankeschön an die Blogger-Szene für deren Unterstützung. Schöne Idee!


The Big Payback is a free compilation that we will be doing from time to time to give thanks back to the various bloggers and Vloggers that have continuously been supporting MJM with features on their pages. TBP#1 is brought to you in conjunction with Gimmie That Beat :: :: A blog where you can find various styles of new and old music from around the world. Check them out and get some more good music in your collections.
We feel that since the blogging community have been so generous with their time by mentioning us and sharing our material with of their readers and viewers we would like to encourage anyone who is a listener of our material to go and check out some of these pages for more good music and other interesting articles and concepts floating around cyberspace.
Support the blogging/Vlogging community!!
Millennium Jazz Music



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