Videopremiere: RocknRolla Soundsystem – Morganton North Carolina

Brandneues Video vom RocknRolla Soundsystem zu ihrer aktuellen „Katakana Edits Vol.49 EP“:

„The 49th instalment of the Katakana Edits series is safely in the competent hands of Rocknrolla Soundsytem, and boy, it’s joy to hear. The first of three bangers, „Crumbs Of The Table“ is a choppy, organ-fuelled jam that actually explodes into a tight funk stomp with both fists flyin‘, next is „Give The People What They Want“ and what they clearly want here, is souped-up socially conscience boogie and hurray for that! Lastly „Morganton North Carolina“ wraps things up with a 90s style percussive shuffle under and vintage slice of swaggering soul.“
RocknRolla Soundsystem






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