J Boogie | Vintage Diversity: A Tribute to Donald Byrd



Blackbyrds – Wilford’s Gone
Donald Byrd – (Ethiopian Knight) Little Rasti
Donald Byrd – Steppin Into Tomorrow (Madlib Remix)
Blackbyrds – Reggins
Blackbyrds – Life Styles
Blackbyrds – Mysterious Vibes
Donald Byrd – Places and Spaces
Erykah Badu – Think Twice
Jay Dee – Think Twice
Donald Byrd – Wind Parade (King Most’s Dub ‚Em Down Redirection)
Donald Byrd – Pretty Baby
The Blackbyrds – Do It, Fluid
Donald Byrd – You and the Music
The Blackbyrds – Happy Music
Konald Byrd – Lansana
Donald Byrd & The Blackbyrds – Rock Creek Park LIVE
The Blackbyrds – Rock Creek Park
Biggie Smalls – Doin It In Her Park
Donald Byrd – (Falling Like) Dominoes (J Boogie Live EDIT)
Donald Byrd – Change (Whiskey Barons Edit)
Donald Byrd & 125th Street NYC – Love Has Come Around (Sake1 DJ Edit)
Donald Byrd – Star Trippin‘ (12″ Version)
Donald Byrd – Love’s So Far Away
Donald Byrd – Dreaming About You (C&S)

Vintage Diversity is a journalistic mixtape project which exposes the music and stories behind unheralded artists who were way cool, way before their time. Listen to exclusive mixes of this incredible artists by J Boogie, as our staff writers take you on a biographic journey back in time.



aka SOULGURU // straight outta Coburg (Oberfranken) // wohnhaft in der Nähe von Stuttgart // Jahrgang 61 // musikbegeistert seit früher Kindheit // hauptberuflich in leitender Stellung als Logistiker tätig // Vater von 2 Söhnen // Musik-Blogger seit 2009

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