Die neue Ancient Astronauts Single ‚Photoshop Reality‘ mit einem Feature der nigerianischen Afrobeat-Band BANTU ist wieder großartig geworden!

“Our music always had a serious and conscious touch to it cause we believe that music can, and should, have a positive and thought-provoking effect. Ade´s lyrics in ‘Photoshop Reality’ really nail it when you think about today´s situation when it comes to social media, and Instagram in special. People trying to act like they made it, presenting themselves in the best way they can, overplaying reality, photoshoping not only their photos but their existence. It became a world of boasting and pretending things that don´t match reality. It feels as if people wanna escape reality through social media and luxury goods cause reality is too harsh for them. But then they don´t find their way back to reality. So they live in that Photoshop Reality.”
– Ancient Astronauts


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