ANYA & DR Big Band - Avalanche (live) [Video]

Mit der Veröffentlichung ihrer neuen Single ‘Avalanche’  erweitert die dänische R’n’B-Newcomerin ANYA ihren Sound mit etwas Pop.

Hier ist die Live-Version, die sie mit der DR Big Band eingespielt hat. Enjoy!


“Avalanche” is about realizing that you have said and done some things that have ruined love. It is helplessness in its purest form, and that is how I feel love is: sometimes an avalanche is rolling, and you can’t do anything to control it when you lose everything, that ever mattered to you.
“Avalanche” is very personal to me. I wrote it at a point in my life, when I could sense that a storm was coming, and when I sing it, I feel like I am standing on the edge of a huge challenge asking myself if I am ready to face it. At the same time, singing the song gives me a great sense of independence and strength. It is a true “badass”-feeling, and it makes me feel like a force of nature myself.”



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