1. Intro
2. Nice Up The Lawn
3. Legalize The Herbs
4. Million & More w. Flourgon
5. More Than You Bargain For w. Linval Thompson
6. Kingston Hot Again w. Cocoa Tea
7. Serious Time w. Shabba Ranks & Admiral Tibett
8. Step Aside
9. Test The High Power
10. Take Time To Know Her w. Tinga Stewart
11. Cover Me w. Tinga Stewart
12. Wrenking Meat
13. Heartical Don
14. More Reality
15. Stumbling Block w. Robert French
16. John Law
17. Cowboy Stylee w. Puddy Roots
18. The Return (father and son) w. Ninja Ford
19. Ting A Ling A Ling School Pickney Sing Ting
20. Bad Boy Nuh Cob Scout w. Bounty Killer
21. Hollow Point Bad Boy
22. Shot A Talk
23. Nah Go Love It
24. Tings Get Worse
25. Dirt Heart w. Cocoa Tea
26. Bring In The Gun
27. New Gun Fi Bus
28. Bad Grandad
29. Send Threat
30. Laugh & Grin
31. Protection w. Courtney Melody
32. Border Clash
33. Permit Fi Bury
34. Things A Gwan
35. Target Practice
36. New Vibes Fi Chat
37. Counteraction
38. From Me Hold Him
39. Excuse Me
40. Don Sound
41. Write You Will
42. Murder Dem
43. Mad Again
44. Lock Dem Off
45. Dancehall History w. I Octane
46. Treat Her Fine w. Nature
47. Anytime Me Put It On (M.V. Special)
48. These Words From Out My Tounge (M.V. Special)
49. Ninja Mi Ninja
50. Jamaica Town


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