Badder Than Evil – Halloween Funk Mix (free download)

badder than evil


Theme from Excorcist
The X-sorcist – The Devils
Evil – Howling Wolf
A Bunch of Changes – Black on White Affair
Devil’s Got Your Mind – The San Francisco TKOs
Walk on Gilded Splinters – Johnny Jenkins
Pass the Hatchet – Roger and the Gypsies
Superstition – Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’77
Dance of the Vampires – Vampires of Dartmoor
Count Funkula
Blacula – Gene Page
The Devil Made Me Do It – Rasputin’s Stash
The Wolfman’s Song – Walter “Wolfman” Washington
Thriller – Speak Low
The Boogie Man – Jackson 5
Back from the Dead – Bobby Byrd
The Devil is Gonna Get You – The Future Kind
Bite You – Bo Diddley
Evil World – The Relatives
The Funk of Forty Thousand Years – Vincent Price

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