Bedroom Disco vol #3 – Osmose vinyl mix … another intimate encounter behind closed doors (free download)


B-Jam „City People“ Smokecloud records
B-Jam „Everything“ Smokecloud records
Volta Cab „Don’t Give Up“ Illusion recordings
G&D „The Man Who Touch Me“ CONS
WebQueawry „Searching“ Slow Network
Cosmic Boogie „Space Machine“ Cosmic boogie
Mel & Nico „Longer“ D-Classics
Frank Booker „For Those Who Choose Not To Mix“ Sleazy Beats Black Ops
Osmose „Penny’s Afterhours“ Smokecloud records
Eddie C „November 30“ 7 Inches Of Love
Ben E. King „Street Tuff edit“ white label
G&D „Some Time“ No More Hits
Harry Baldi „Can’t Kick This Feeling“ black label
Homicide McBride „Listen“ SOS White
Sade „Super Bien Total (Extended mix)“ Sunkissed records

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