Some Of The Best Things In Life Are Free Vol.4 (free podcast)

Artwork by Ben Hito (

Vol. 4 der Some Of The Best Things In Life Are Free-Podcast-Reihe von den Paris DJs bietet wieder jede Menge aktueller und kostenloser Tracks aus dem Netz:

01. Brownout feat. Alex Marrero – Tomorrow Never Knows
(from ‚All ATX Vol 2: British Invasion‘ compilation, 2014 / Waterloo)
[free download on]
02. onlyjoe – Hold Me (Manasseh Dub)
(from ‚Hold Me‘ digital single, 2014 / self-released)
[free download on]
03. Art-X – Melodica We Love
(from ‚Style Ah Style‘ digital EP, 2014 / Brigante)
[free download on]
04. Grant Phabao & Reggie Stepper – I Came, I Saw, I Conquered
(from ‚Reggae Specials Vol.6 – Jamaican Icons‘ digital EP, 2014 / Paris DJs)
[free download on]
05. Lucas Santtana – Não Tenho Medo Não
(from ‚Afrobrasilidades em 78 rpm‘ digital compilation, 2014 / Goma-Laca)
[free download on]
06. Bareto – La Voz Del Sinchi
(from ‚Untitled‘ upcoming album, 2015 / self-released)
[free download on]
07. Seu Jorge – Mania de Peitão (Captain Planet Bootleg)
(from ‚Mania de Peitão‘ free download, 2014 / self-released)
[free download on]
08. Shareholder Tom – African Beauty
(from ‚One Day Songs (2014-2015)‘ album, 2015 / Büro.9 Music)
[free download on]
09. Malkovich Music – Ambition
(from ‚Pre-Boarding‘ album, 2014 / LABEL)
[free download on]
10. Orgone – Nasty Hats vs. Jay Z – 99 Problems
[free download on]
11. RJD2 – Ghostwriter vs. Common – The Light
[free download on]
12. Soule Monde – Billy Martin
(from ‚Soule Monde Free Download Sampler‘, 2014 / self-released)
[free download on]
13. Monophonics – I’d Be Nowhere Today
(from ‚I’d Be Nowhere Today‘ free download, 2014 / self-released)
[free download on]
14. Sara Mitra – The Secret Sorrow of a Travelling Man
(from ‚Baltimore Oriole‘ digital EP, 2014 / Impossible Ark)
[free download on]
15. Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors – I Love You I Do
(from ‚Good Light‘ album, 2014 / Good Time)
[free download on]

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