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Praezisa Rapid 3000 – Hello
KRTS – The Dread Of An Unknown Evil
Botany – Waterparker
Devendra Banhart – Santa Maria de Feira
Guts – Brand New Revolution
Mo Kolours – 8 Hours
De La Soul – Forever
Helge Schneider – …
Alif Tree Feat. Shirley Horn – Forgotten Places
Plaid – Gel Lab
Simon12345 & The Lazer Twins – If I stay here, I’ll be alone (feat. Beegs Alchemy)
Obama and Death Cab For Cutie
Kev Brown – Listen
Khrysis – Yeah! Yeeeaaah!
Dijf Sanders – Etheric Landmarch
Little Dragon – Scribbled Papers
Terry Callier – When My Lady Danced
Fraktus – Affe, Sucht, Liebe


Pete Namlook, einer der wichtigsten deutschen Musiker im Spannungsfeld von Elektronik und Ambient ist letzte Woche im Alter von nur 52 Jahren verstorben.


Peter Kuhlmann (* 1960 in Frankfurt am Main; † 8. November2012) war ein deutscher Musikproduzent im Bereich Chill Out, Ambient und anderer elektronischer Musik. Er war vor allem unter dem Pseudonym Pete Namlook bekannt, das sich aus seinem rückwärts gesprochen Nachnamen ergab. http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Kuhlmann_(Musikproduzent)


 vom Kraftfuttermischwerk hat freundlicherweise diesem 5h-Mix aufgetan:

Hier aus gegebenem Anlass noch mal diese fast fünf Stunden lange Retrospektive des Schaffens von Pete Namlook, gemixt von Wild Dragon. Leider nur im krüppeligen Stream oder als direkten Download.


01.Bill Laswell & Pete Namlook – Definition Of Life
02.Pete Namlook aka 4 Voice – Old Love Dies
03.The Fires Of Ork (P.Namlook & Geir Jensen) – In Heaven
04.Bill Laswell & Pete Namlook – Holy Man
05.Tetsu Inoue & Pete Namlook – Shades Of Orion Parts XII, XIII & XIV
06 & 07.Bill Laswell & Pete Namlook – African Virus Parts II & III
08.Pete Namlook aka 4 Voice – The Final Frontier
09.Pete Namlook & Pascal F.E.O.S. aka Hearts Of Space – All About Sensuality
10.Pete Namlook – Summer Part IV
11.Pete Namlook & DJ Dag – Pure Energy
12.Pete Namlook & Dr. Atmo – Heaven
13.The Fires Of Ork (P.Namlook & Geir Jensen) – When The Night Is Black
14.Air aka Pete Namlook – Travelling Without Moving Trips IV & V
15.The Fires Of Ork (P.Namlook & Geir Jensen) – The Fires Of Ork
16.Pete Namlook & Charles Uzzell Edwards – Chill In (Lowrider)
17.Pete Namlook & Atom Heart – Beel
18.Pete Namlook & Atom Heart – The Third Option
19.Pete Namlook aka SYN – Jugoslavia
20.Pete Namlook aka SYN – Night Time Pleasures
21.Pete Namlook – While Angels Sing
22.Air aka Pete Namlook – Give Space A Trance (Chance III)
23.Tetsu Inoue & Pete Namlook – Biotrip
24.Bill Laswell & Pete Namlook – Angel Tech
25.David Moufang aka Move D – Goofi
26.The Fires Of Ork (P.Namlook & Geir Jensen) – Sky Lounge
27.Pete Namlook & Mixmaster Morris – Underwater
28.Pete Namlook aka Romantic Warrior – Romantic Warrior
29.Pete Namlook aka Romantic Warrior – Reflexion Au Jour
30.Pete Namlook – Homo Ambiens
31.Sequential (P.Namlook & DJ Criss) – 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
32.SOL Featuring Antonia Langesdorf – Venus/Stardust (Electro Mix)
33.Anthony Rother – Don’t Stop The Beat
34.Daniel Pemberton – Antartica
35.Pete Namlook – 25th Of November 2089
36.Daniel Pemberton – Antartica
37.Peter Kuhlmann aka Pete Namlook – Road VI
38.Peter Kuhlmann aka Pete Namlook – Wandering Soul Part XII
39.Chris Meloche – In The Air Part X
40.Solphax aka Victor Sol – S-pac-E/P-Machine
41.Pete Namlook – Finis
42.Pete Namlook & Peter Prochir – Terminal Beach
43.Koolfang (P.Namlook & David Moufang) – Counter
44.Pete Namlook & Move D – Bad Hair Day
45.Pete Namlook & Hubertus Held – Hey Leroy!
46.Pete Namlook & Move D – False Decodings
47.Pete Namlook & Move D – Saucerful
48.Pete Namlook & Move D – Nite Out/Time To Go
49.Pete Namlook & Move D – As Peter Plays The Strings/At The End
50.Yoko Kanno & The Seatbelts – Radio Free Mars Talk 7


Saturday Morning, Jack Daniels, Chrystal White, 2 Turntables and Bensens Record Collection – SchmitzCutz 



Macho City by Steve Miller Band
Release The Beast by Breakwater
Heaven Is In The Backseat Of My Cadillac (The Revenge Rework) by Hot Chocolate
For Your Love by Chilly
Don Quichotte (Fractured Super Disco Edit) by Magazine 60
Walk the Night by Skatt Bros
Whole Lotta Love by Blonde On Blonde
Chant No. 1 (US Remix) by Spandau Ballet
Harley David (Son of a Bitch) by The Bollock Brothers
Ride Your Pony by Son Of A Witch
Tryouts For The Human Race by Sparks
I’m A Man by Macho
Native Love by Divine
Lovemachine by Supermax

Locomotive Breath (Special Rock Version)-Cat Gang
Dancing On The Edge Of Danger-Mikael Rickfors
Butter Ball Rock-History Clock
Diamond Star-Psychemagik
Funky Lady-Melvin Kay
Heavy Metal-Don Felder (Vins Edit)
Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys-Bent Boys
Theme from The Warriors-Barry De Vorzon
Stay-David Bowie
I Need Love-Capricorn
Love Is The Drug-Roni Griffith
We’re Gonna Rock-Sabu
Not Tonight (Dim’s DJ Friendly Edit)-Macho
Rock It To The Top-Mantus
Doomsday-Danny Darrow
Fear-Easy Going



Breakwater – Splashdown Time (intro)
The Dazz Band – Let It Whip
Midnight Star – No Parking (On the Dance Floor)
Bar-Kays – Do It (Let Me See You Shake)
O’Bryan – I’m Freaky
Klymaxx – Meeting In The Ladies Room
Sexual Harrassment – I Need A Freak
D Train – You’re the One for Me
Julian Flenoy – Turn Me Out
The Pointer Sisters – Automatic
Greens III – You Want My Body
Royalle Delite – (Ill Be A) Freak For You
Skyy – Givin It (To You)
The Pinch – Shot Out
Bobby Nunn – She’s Just A Groupie
Sunrize – Whos Stickin It
Chocolate Milk – Take It Off
Magic Lady – Sexy Body
Cash – Hot Thang –



1. Ta-Ku – Sweat Like Keith

2. The Weekend – The Morning

3. Morri$ – Rashida Jones

4. Lana Del Ray – Video Games (Lockah Remix)

5. Sigur Ríos Saeglopur (ENiGMA Remix)

6. T-E-E-D – Household Goods (Zeds Dead Remix)

7. Passion Pit – Constant Conversations ( St. Lucia Remix)

8. Ava Luna – Ice Level

9. BJ The Chicago Kid – His Pain (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

10. Shlomo – 2 /Places

11. Frank Ocean – Crack Rock

12. House Shoes – Castles (Instrumental)

01 Perseus – Russian Girlfriends
02 MAW Feat. India – To Be In Love (FDG Rework)
03 Albacore – Rollercoaster
04 Ejeca – Use The Body
05 Narada Michael Walden – Tonight I’m Alright (LNTG Re-Edit)
06 Dolle Jolle – Balearic Incarnation
07 Mano Le Tough – Let’s Not Talk About Love
08 William DeVaughn – Be Thankful For What You’ve Got (Onur Engin Edit)
09 Frank Booker – Hope
10 Aqua Regia – NYC Smile On Me (Simple Pleasures Tap Water Sandwich Remix)
11 Jamiroquai – Blow Your Mind
12 Peter Licht – Sonnendeck 2011 (Tonka Treatment)
13 Dr. Hook – Sexy Eyes (VinylAddicted Hooked On Your Eyes Edit)



Jams Playlist:
Cocoa Tea- Barack Obama
Slightly Stoopid- Serious Man
The Green- Liar
Common Kings- No Other Love (feat. J Boog & Fiji)
The Dirty Heads- Cabin By The Sea
Spawnbreezie- Oh My Goodness (feat. Big Steve)
Teki- Not Too Fast
Straight Up Down- Rampage
Natural Incense- Excuses
Sio- True Vibe (Fobsterlean Version)
Seedless- Baby Don’t Go (feat. Essel Liufau)
Summer- My Mister (feat. Fiji)
Sun-Dried Vibes- Back 2 Square 1
Tribal Seeds- Night & Day
J Boog- Pretender
Clear Conscience- If These Walls Could Talk (feat. E.N Young)
The Expanders- Turtle Racing (feat. Jah Faith)
Tomorrow People- Feel Alright (feat. Kalohe Kai)
Hot Rain- Cuz I’m
NRG Rising- From Darkness To Light
Simple Creation- In a Knot
Tribal Theory- H.O.T. (Home On Time) (feat. Sanga)
Micah Brown- All That You Need (feat. Matthew & Susie Liufau)
Archives- Boof Baff (feat. Ichelle Cole)
Irie Love- Just Like That (feat. Fiji)
Stick Figure- Women of the Night (feat. Half Pint)
O-Shen- Sometimes
Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds- My Everything
Inner Circle- Roll It Up, Blaze It Up (feat. Slightly Stoopid & Bizerk)


Wieder mal ein geiles Tape von Saetchmo Räuchermann aus Berlin. Diesmal ist es ein  DJ-Live-Mix quer durch die deutsche Rap-Geschichte, aufgenommen beim RBLLN.TV:

01 B-Side the Norm – Hip Hop in der DDR
02 Anarchist Academy – Willkommen im Jahr 4
03 Advanced Chemistry – Fremd im eigenen Land
04 No Remorze – Die on the Day the Lights went out
05 Such a Surge – Gegen den Strom
06 Too Strong – Rabenschwarze Nacht (Empire Mix)
07 State of Departmentz – Mit der Waffe in der Hand (Fühlst Du Dich jetzt wohl Mix)
08 Absolute Beginner – 1:0 für Babylon
09 E.E.C.H.-Leben
10 Fischmob – Du nennst mich Penner
11 Mario No 1 & Cora E – Könnt Ihr mich hör’n
12 Torch – Kapitel 1
13 Hip Hop Aktivisten gegen Gewalt – Halt! Keine Gewalt
14 Underdog Crew – Codewort Kapuze (CCF Remix)
15 Pyranja – Im Kreis
16 F.A.B. – Freaks
17 Fischmob – Susanne zur Freiheit
18 Fettes Brot – Nordisch by Nature
19 Plattenpapst Jöak – seid ihr b.reit
20 Zentrifugal – Nachtfahrt
21Kinderzimmer Productions – Fett viel besser
22 Schlechta Umgang – Die Wurzel aus Hip Hop.
23 5 Sterne Deluxe – Nirvana
24 Die Fantastischen Vier – Krieger

01 ASC – Stranded with no Direction
02 Mindspan – Snowflake
03 Shinsuke Matsumoto – Bamboo Forest
04 Purl – Oceanima
05 Djorvin Clain – Never Forget
06 Martin Nonstatic – Parallel Thinking
07 mono – Lightning between Worlds
08 Overcast Sound – Beast
09 Djorvin Clain – The Untitled One
10 Edanticonf – Night Walk
11 Alteria Percepsyne – Intangible Flutter
12 Fatih Tuter – WSVII (Havantepe Mix)
13 Mindspan – Propulsion
14 Purl – Under Trädens Rötter
15 Niklas Nummelin – Focal
16 Atheus – Dequadrant Redux
17 Alteria Percepsyne – Solar Shore
18 AXS – Empty Sky
19 ASC – Underwater Temple


more Info: http://northernshore-rock.blogspot.de/



1 Ben Westbeech – Inflections (Herr Vogel edit)
2 F.& t.M. – What the water gave me (O.S. Edit)
3 José Gonzàlez – Heartbeats (mart. Remix)
4 personal_jesus_-_rené_bourgeois_cover_320_max
5 Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii – Taiyo (Tim Engelhardt & Andreas Lindemann Shadow Dancer Remodel)
6 CARLO RUETZ – I´m F***ing Famous (Original Mix)
7 Afrojack, Purple Project, Alex De Vito – Fuckin VIP (Dj Haines Mashup)
9 Andhim – Extragold (Original Mix) (HQ)
10 Dave Kurtis – Last Night In Miami (Conga)(2012 Club Mix)
11 Monika Kruse – Namaste

01. KlangTherapeuten – Perlentaucher (Original Mix) KlangTherapeuten – Perlentaucher (Original Mix) soon on Vinyl on Vogelfrei Records by KlangTherapeuten
02. Sascha Braemer – She Is It (Original Mix)
03. Sebastian Boldt – Los Trompetos Sebastian Boldt – Los Trompetos [2:34] by SΞBΛSTIΛN BØLDT
04. Stephan Funkmann – When The Sun Goes Down (Original) Stephan Funkmann – When the Sun goes down (HanseHertz 011) by stephanfunkmann
05. Flavin Orlando – Draußen Ist’s Schöner Flavin Orlando – Draußen Ist’s Schöner by Draußen ists schöner
06. KlangTherapeuten – Rinderkarussell (Original Mix) KlangTherapeuten – Rinderkarussell (Original Mix) (Out now on Beatport!!!) by KlangTherapeuten
07. Martin OCCO – Going Down (Original Mix) Martin OCCO – Going Down (Original Mix) by Martin OCCO
08. Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner – Down Down by Alfred Heinrichs
09. David Keller – Freedom (Original Mix) David Keller – Freedom (Original Mix) by David Keller Official
10. Carlo Ruetz – Dance A Little More (Original Mix) Carlo Ruetz – dance a little more (original mix) by Carlo Ruetz
11. Radiohead – Everything Is In The Right Place ( Joy Kitikonti Rework 2012) Radiohead – Joy Kitikonti – Everything is in The Right Place (Joy Kitikonti 2012 Rework) Free Dwnld by Joy Kitikonti

Herbsttag (free mixtape)

01 – Jonas Mantey – Wie Alles Begann
02 – Nico Stojan – After The Hour
03 – Sidney Charles – Don’t Go (Doctor Dru Remix)
04 – TomStil – What I Say By 2 Channels AKA Stil & Bense
05 – Gütezeichen – By My Side (David Jach Remix)
06 – David Rappl ft. Jamie D – Windstille (Nico Pusch Mix)
07 – The Bianca Story – Dancing People Are Never Wrong (Jan Blomqvist Remix)
08 – Yoachim – EHC (Oliver Schories Remix)
09 – Dominik Eulberg – Adler (Masterton’s Remix)
10 – Michael Mayer – Baumhaus
11 – Four Tet – Lion (Jamie xx remix)
12 – Chris Malinchak – If U Got It
13 – Lotte Kestner – Lula Boat (Moritz Guhling’s Segler Remix)
14 – Mirco Violi & Hooved – La Sorbonne (Playrec. Remix)
15 – Extrawelt – Neuland (Robags Rexmow 001)

01. Massive Attack featuring Terry Callier “Live With Me” (Virgin)
02. Terry Callier “Love Theme From Spartacus” (Zero 7 Remix) (Talkin’ Loud)
03. Terry Callier “Dancing Girl” (Cadet Records)
04. Terry Callier “You Goin’ Miss Your Candyman” (Cadet Records)
05. Terry Callier “Look At Me Now” (Cadet Records)
06. Terry Callier “Ordinary Joe” (Cadet Records)
07. Terry Callier “Just As Long As We’re In Love” (Cadet Records)
08. The Hot 8 Brass Band “Ghost Town” (Tru Thoughts)
09. The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra “Shake” (Hope Street Recordings)
10. Florelie Escano “The Liberating Kind” (LOTEK Remix) (Counter Clockwise Records)
11. Electric Empire “Changin” (Electric Empire Music)
12. Kylie Auldist “Still Life” (Tru Thoughts)
13. Omar & Zed Bias “Dancing” (Tru Thoughts)
14. Omar featuring Stevie Wonder “Feeling You” (Ether Records)
15. Omar featuring Erykah Badu “Be Thankful” (Oyster Music)

Sunny Side Up (035: 1/11/12) with Omar + Terry Callier Tribute by Mike Gurrieri


DIE Ikone der amerikanischen Soul-, Folk- und Jazzszene Terry Callier ist tot. Nach Angaben seines Plattenlabels Mr Bongo Records starb der Künstler am Samstag in seiner Heimatstadt Chicago. Callier war 67 Jahre alt.

Auf Spiegel Online gibt es einen ausführlichen Nachruf.

Der britische Musiker, Musikproduzent, Plattenlabelbetreiber und DJ Kirk Degiorgio hat Terry Callier dieses schöne 2stündige Tribute-Mixtape gewidmet:

00 – when snow turns into rain
01 – Erik Satie – Gnossiennes n.4
02 – Dyno – Bolts Dreaming
03 – Jonas Mantey – Frei
04 – Invisible Conga People – Can’t Feel My Knees
05 – Greenville Massive feat Kat Boelskov – Everything
06 – Pink Floyd – Careful (KØSTER Edit)
07 – DJ T. – Leaving Me feat. Khan (Daniel Bortz Remix)
08 – Angus & Julia Stone – Silver Coin (Andri edit)
09 – Cosmic Cowboys – Notre Jour Viendra (Lake People Remix)
10 – Radiohead – Codex (Hannes Fischer Edit)
11 – Phonique – Our Time Our Chance feat. Ian Whitelaw
12 – Jacob Korn – She
13 – Theophilus London – Wine and Chocolates (Andhim edit)
14 – Claptone – Good To You
15 – M.in, Mr.Pong – My Hands Are Closed (Dan Caster & Rene Bourgeois Remix)
16 – Gabe – That Reg (Mucky Pups Remix)
17 – Parov Stelar – Jimmy s Gang (Enzo Siffredi Remix)
18 – Ido Frumkin – Green Frog
19 – Joachim Pastor – Braumstig (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)
20 – John Tejada – Farther And Fainter
21 – Monkey Safari – Son
22 – Frivolous – Allen Town Jail
23 – Burial – Stolen Dog
24 – Phaeleh – Afterglow


Tasty selection of Deep House and Nu Disco
1. Don_t_Have_To_Be_Beautiful_Original_Mix
2. Cold as Ice (orig mix)
3. Hold on Tight (orig mix)
4. Le_Spot_Rouge_Original_Mix
6. Jupy_Sunday_Original_Mix
7. Around_The_Harmony_Original_Mix
8. Hip_Hop_Tenor_Medeew___Amine_Edge_Tech_This_Shit_Dub
9. History_featuring_Will_Young_Grum_Remix
10. Inside_World_Detone_Mix
11. Shopping_Cart_Maxxi_Soundsystem_Remix
12. What_Do_You_Want_Me_To_Say__feat__Malonda__Original_Mix
15. Que_Veux_Tu_Madeon_Remix