1. Intro ‚Give me a PTH please bob‘ (PTH)
2. Organized Konfusion ‚Walk Into The Sun (Bill K Remix)‘ (Hollywood Basic)
3. Ave Blast & Lopez ‚N.T.A‘ (Keep Up!)
4. Souleance ‚Boobs‘ (First Word)
5. The O’Jays ‚Put Your Hands Together‘ (Philadelphia International)
6. Gino Soccio ‚You Move Me‘ (Atlantic)
7. Moodyman ‚Basement Party‘ (Scion AV)
8. Volta Cab ‚I Wanna Boogie‘ (Dinner City Soul)
9. Sir Drew ‚Disco Freak (MPC Re-Edit)‘ (SDMPC)
10. Pitchben ‚Soda (Lorenz Rhode Rmx)‘ (Compost)
11. Hotel Motel ‚Donna Nook (Original Mix) (Shade)
12. Alkalino ‚Going On‘ (Roots Edits)
13. Restless Leg Syndrome ‚Chucky (The Devil)‘ (Tiefparterre Records)
14. Gerry Read ‚Yeh Come Dance‘ (Delsin Records)
15. George Fitzgerald ‚Child‘ (Aus Records)
16. Midland ‚Placement (Lone Remix)‘ (Aus Records)
17. Mak & Pasteman ‚Mode‘ (Shifting Peaks)
18. Sleeping Giantz ‚Badungdeng!‘ (Tru Thoughts)
19. Drumagik ‚Sing Samba‘ (Tru Thoughts)
20. Pearson Sound ‚Untitled‘ (White Label)
21. Bubba ‚Wanna Dance, Get Up‘ (Clouded Vision)
22. Dusky ‚No More No‘ (Simple)
23. Sepalcure ‚Don’t Cry‘ (Hot Flush)

more Info: http://soundcloud.com/ross-pth/dlnw-vol-4

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