Das Sonntags-Mixtape: Gospel to save your soul! (free download)



1.Treme Brass Band. Just A Closer Walk With Thee.
2.Ecklecticmick. They sold their souls.
3.Ecklecticmick Obama Rant.
4.Ecklecticmick. Very Same God Rant
5.Ecklecticmick. Pretty Little Foot Ranter.
6.Skeewiff. Where_Shall_I_Be._(feat_Stars_Of_Harmony_
7.Skeewiff. Gospel_Train_(feat_The_Golden_Gate_Jubilee_QuartetSkee_dub)
8.Golden Gate Quartet – „Travelin‘ Shoes“ (Thornato Remix)
9.The Gentleman Callers. Old Tyme Religion.
10.The Gentleman Callers. God Almighty (is gonna cut you down)
11. Johnny Lectro. Shadrack
12.Louis Armstrong. Go Down Moses (Dj Zed Remix) – Tony Maroni Bootleg Edit
13.Treme Brass Band. Just A Closer Walk With Thee.

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