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​1) Arp – Il Sogno Di Monica
My absolute favourite track from Arp as it has the same main theme like Flite from the Cinematic Orchestra, just with a more Jazz vibe and more relaxed.

2) Coldcut – Sound Mirros
Album closing track and title track of the 2006 released Coldcut album. Slow and catchy sample at the beginning, great Double Bass pattern and lots of strings, always loved this one, even because it reminds me on DJ Food’s “The Crow” with that bassline.

3) Kutiman – Line 2
When Kutiman released his first album back in the day on MPM Music he already has shown his great skills as musician and also as producer. This song is from his latest release and shows in a great way how he does great music.

​4) The Cinematic Orchestra – Evolution feat. Fontella Bass
Every Day was always my favorite album by TCO and that Evolution song is so powerful due the lyrics and voice of Fontella Bass, absolute amazing song, this one will stuck in my head forever.

5) Girls In Aiports – Kaikoura
A friend of mine showed me this Band a few years ago and I was instantly in love with them, and especially with the title track of their Kaikoura album. Turned out they played a couple of times in the venue in hometown where I used to had my monthly club night, but that was years before.

6) Reeder – Farewell
Piano player Reeder came also on my radar a few years ago. In the flood of all those generic sounding Piano artists nowadays he makes an exception with his style. He also writes film music and releases most of his albums for free on Bandcamp.

​7) Noel Brass Jr. – Botanical Windfall
Noel became a friend of me after I have sampled a song from his band Afrocop. Our drummer Andy Sells is also part of that band, it’s how we met when I sampled them for my Dem Juju Poets album “Liberated Thoughts”. Noel is a great Keyplayer, he is always exploring Ambient soundscapes with Rhodes and Synths.

8) Vanishing Twin – KRK (At Home In Strange Places)
Don’t know much about them, but after I bought me some singles from them they released an awesome album this year and went on top of my favourite artists list. Their style is kind of psychedelic Jazz, with a very raw sound and lots of other influences, absolute love them.

9) Amon Tobin – Vipers Follow You
Well what to say about someone like Amon Tobin? Loving his music for nearly 20 years now and it’s wonderful to see he is still exploring new depths. The new album he released this year is already one of my favourites of him.

10) Arrangement – Coconut Mango
Great production on this, as far as I know they only have
released two singles and this is one of them. Loving the overall sound and mood. I hope they will release more in the future.

11) Mike Westbrook Orchestra – Metropolis IX
First discovered on Mr. Scruff’s Big Chill Classic. Flawless beautiful piece of music. Simple and beautiful, calm and emotive.

12) Stringtronics – Tropicola
Fuzzy percussive Tropical Island Jazz goodness.

​13) Labelle – Playing At The End Of The Universe (Orchestre Univers Version)
Bells and drums and flutes and strings.

14) Hampshire & Foat – Galaxies Like Grains Of Sand
Following Greg Foats work since his ‚Dark Is The Sun‘ album and since then every album was a no-brainer to buy. This song especially is an epic theme for something we can’t understand, perfect in many ways.

​15) Hiroshi Yoshimura – Dance PM
Hypnotic melody with crackles.

​16) Neotropic – Your War
Knowing her from the Ntone (Ninja Tune) era. Her new album from 2018 is an absolute wonderful masterpiece of minimalism and vast sound collages.

17) Solar Apple Quarktette – Do You Love Me Too? (Unforscene Mix)
This Unforscene remix is a beautiful laid back melody feast. Already has some years on it’s back already, but didn’t lose any of it’s freshness, absolute gorgeous music.

18) Pepe Deluxé – In The Cave
This song was part of their last album ‚Queen Of The Wave‘ and was recorded on the big Stalagpipe organ in a Cave. It has an absolute wonderful mood and melody, very simple and minimal, sounds like it has been recorded in the 19th century.

19) Jazztronik – Muddy Muddy
Also an older track, but even this one sounds absolute fresh to me. Spiritual Jazz from Japan with the beautiful voice of Yurai.

20) Drummotive – ’77 Astro Black
Released on the Next Phase Drum & Bass label from Netherlands, this one is a fine piece of Rhodes, Flutes & Drums Jazz in a relaxed way.

21) Hania Rani – Esja
Hania Rani is a polish Piano Player and singed her first album Esja to Gondwana Records. Another positive stand out example in the flood of generic sounding neo-classical piano artists nowadays.

22) Thunderball – Last Flight
Steve Raskin and Sid Barcelona were the founding members of Thunderball, also part of Fort Know Five and joined by Rob Myers from the third album on. Last Flight is one of their rare unfunky tunes with a slight Orchestra feel.

23) Bonobo – Second Sun
Second Sun was released on the Migration album and is one wonderful beatless piece of music he did.

24) Condor Gruppe – Void
Psyched buzzing guitar music, with a vast feeling, love it.

25) Ishmael Ensemble – First Light
Ishmael Ensemble is a rising star in the electronic music scene, bridging perfectly the gap between electronic Club music and Live Jazz.

​26) Still Moving – Sharp Arts
Recently discovered new trio from England with a beautiful combination of Jazz, Folk and club Electronics.

27) Leifur James – Suns Of Gold
Beautiful debut album released on Late Night Tales Recordings. Many different styles on the album, but all worked out with a lot of love for details.

​28) Dolphin Midwives – Satya Yuga
First heard in Bonobo’s Outlier Playlist or radio show, wonderful string laden song.

29) Hidden Orchestra – Footsteps
First single from their first album and still my favourite of them. Many moons have passed since then, they released a lot of new albums, but Footsteps is still a stand out song for me.

30) Leon Vynehall – Envelopes (Chapter VI)
Last but not least, Leon Vynehall who’s 2018 on Ninja Tune released album was my favourite album of that year. Also seen him live, absolute great to see and hear this kind of music live.




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