NETWORK GLASS “lp4” (forthcoming reserve matinee)
FLORIAN T M ZEISIG “aspire” (forthcoming enmossed)
BEST AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGY “session 4190” (styles upon styles)
LEO SVIRSKY “field of reeds” (unseen worlds)
F&J “can u cope” (unreleased)
DJ BANDO live excerpt (forthcoming reserve matinee)
LXV a1 excerpt (forthcoming enmossed)
MB “8.1.19.dream” (unreleased)
JEFF HOST “side a” (self-released)
CELER “mouthfeels of caprae” (humming conch)
DJ OLIVE “exploitation of the exploitation” (unreleased)
~/- “ – – – “ (unreleased)
WOLFGANG VOIGT “10’04”” (raster-noton)
8990 “untitled” (unreleased)
HOLY FAMILY “chopin park” (unreleased)
ANDY ORTMANN “maelstrom in x minor” (nihilist)
CELER “experiences of insight and untimeliness / happening too soon, and sooner than normal” (streamline)
FLORIAN T M ZIESIG “straining to hear” (forthcoming enmossed)


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