DJ Pari – Testspiel Mix Series #7 – free Funk Mixtape


Funky Mixtape von DJ Pari (Soulpower) für die Testspiel Mix Series:

High Society Brothers – Spill the Wine
Bad Medicine – Trespasser P. 1
The Energettics – You make me nothing
Sir Joe Quarterman – The Trouble with Trouble
Ripple – A funky song
Chocolate Milk – Milky Way
Miami – I can’t help myself
The Voltage Bros. – Feeling Good
The Crown Heights Affair – Dreaming a Dream (Disco)
The Blackbyrds – Future Children, Future Hopes
The Sisters Love – Give me your love
The Devils – The X-Sorcist
Aggregation – A child is born
Hott Snow – Let nature take its course
Soul Hustlers – Super Party P. 1
Bobby Williams – Let’s work a while
Bootsy Phelps – Fun in your thang P. 1
Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro – Too High
Shelley Fisher – I’ll leave you girl
Black Fur – Feel the shock
Black Soul Express – Party Time
Beginning of the End – Bahamian Boogie

Ein ausführliches Interview mit DJ Pari gibt es auf Testspiel.

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