Dj ShmeeJay & VinylAddicted present -Seaside Driving- (free mixtape)





1. Roberto LodolaMarimba Do Mar (Vocal Version) (Let’s Get Lost) (LGL020)

2. Mukat EditsSao Paulo Brazilian Groove Thang (Unreleased Instrumental Re-Edit) (Afrodisco Boogie Edits Vol 2) (Mukat Edits) (MUKAT EDITS 002) (LIMITED 500 Copies)

3. Late Nite Tuff GuyBless The Rains (Tuff Cut #001) (Tuff Cut) (TUFF001) (White Label)

4. Beard In DustCan’t Get Enough (Cut Me Gently EP) (Whiskey Disco) (WD18)

5. Get Down EditsHeaven Sent (Get Down Edits Vol 4) (Get Down Edits) (GDE004)

6. TwICEHello Native (Black Aroma EP Vol 5) (Blend It! Records) (BLDT005)

7. Donny & MarieOn The Shelf (VinylAddicted Remastered) (Polydor Records) (PD14510) (Rare 7” Vinyl) (1978)

8. Gavin ChristopherThis Side Of Heaven (Outta Sight) (MSV-005) (7” Reissue)

9. CoffeeMy Turn Burn (Masters At Work Mix) (Madness In Funky Town EP) (Funky Town Records) (FT001) (Limited Clear Vinyl)

10. CyclistEverlasting Love (Beam Me Up Edits Vol 1) (Tripped Out Records) (TRIPPEDOUT001) (Limited Red Vinyl)

11. Black BoobyFill My Cup (Hot Scotch EP) (Black Booby) (BB-02) (2012)

12. Karim All The Joy That You Bring (Dope Beast Vol 1) (Dope Beasts) (DOPEBEATS001) (Limited Marbled Brown Vinyl)


dj ShmeeJay:


13. JimmyTheTwinParty Down (Legendary Sound Research) (Legendary Edits 3 – Digital Release)

14. Tugboat EditsSend Me Away – (Renegade Reworks) (TBE1201) (LIMITED 400 Copies)

15. Get Down EditsS’Punk (Deo Groove) (Get Down Edits) (GDE004)

16. South West SevenWhat Have I Got To Do? (Sccucci Manucci) (Three Is A Crowd EP – Digital Release)

17. Rob Tex presents Jimi HendrixFoxy Dub (EDR) (EDR002) (7″ Vinyl)

18. Deep & DiscoOtis Held Tight – (Editorial) (ED005)

19. Late Nite Tuff GuyMy Body’s On Fire (Tuff Cut) (TUFF001) (White Label)

20. Chris Rea Josephine (Fingerman‘s French Classic Edit) – SoundCloud

21. The Jones Girls – You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else (Buzz Compass Edit) – West Fulton Sessions Vol. 3 forthcoming on Glenview Records

22. The Gap BandOutstanding (Casual Encounters Edit) – SoundCloud

23. Mayer HawthorneThe Walk (Didier Banse Edit) – SoundCloud

24. Melba MooreStanding Right Here (Get Down Edits Quick Fix) – SoundCloud




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